Railway Photography by Robin and Taliesin Coombes

Robin and Taliesin Coombes – http://www.flickr.com/photos/robinandtaliesin/

LNER Class A4 in the Rain

Tell us a little bit about yourself and also how many years have you been “behind the lens”?

We are a Father and Son team, Robin (Father) is an Architect and Taliesin is at University studying Earth Science. We live in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Always had a camera but both started seriously taking photographs in 2006.

Virgin Pendolino at Shap, England, UK

What type of photography to you mainly shoot and why?

Lifelong interest in railways particularly steam, wanted to capture second time around what I saw but never photographed in the 1960s. Taliesin has come to share the same interests albeit from a very different modern perspective. We both want to capture the whole railway scene, the emotion, the drama, the people, the history, the operation, the places, the purpose, its part in life generally. We are also developing other areas of photography, from Landscape to portraiture and now weddings.

A4 Locomotives all lined up.

What camera gear do you use?

We both use Nikon cameras. We have worked our way through most of the DX range of cameras 80, 200, 300, 7000 now full frame D800 and D600s.

Train driver with a cup of tea

Three photographers that inspire you the most and why if possible – (Or just sources of inspiration)

O Winston Link for his portrayal of the complete railway scene. Colin Gifford for approach and gritty atmosphere of the period. George Heiron as both artist and photographer with classic eye

Royal Scot steam train

What are the typical preparations that need to be made before a shoot/photowalk? (Both in terms of camera equipment and researching the location itself/weather etc.)

Locations are very careful planned, times are dependent on the railway timetable, the weather will be as it will be at the time. Then it’s pretty much, make it up as you go along.

King Edward II Steam Train

Favourite post processing tool that you use eg Nik Software, Photomatix, PS, LR, Topax or any other program that you use.


Signal Box in England, UK

Are there any places that you would really like to visit to take photos?

Yes most of the world.

Steam Train approaching a tunnel

Do you have a highlight or something that you are proud of in your photography that you would like to share?

Taliesin was Young Landscaper Photogrpher of the year in 2010. Having my very first picture published.

Jinty Tank on the SVR

If you had one very important lesson that you think every photographer needs to learn from, what would it be?

If you are not there you can’t get the shot, and just because all the conditions are poor still don’t put away the camera

A4 Steam Locomotives and its headlight

Links to your websites/portfolios, provide as many as you would like

Flickr is our main outlet – www.flickr.com/photos/57967140@N05/

Steam train and Battersea Power Station

Check out more of  Robin’s and Taliesin’s work at their website - www.flickr.com/photos/57967140@N05/
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